Other Writings

For Recovering Yogi:

The Most Arrogant T-shirt in the World

Forget Regret (Is a Silly Philosophy)

Free Will and Yoga Catchphrases

Of Hot Pants and Pink Bikinis in the Hot Room 

For Elephant Journal:

My Yoga Polyamory

Dear Non-Yogis: We Still Love You  (original title: The Non-Yogis We Love)

For the Catholic University of America Archives:

US Catholics, Refugees, and Resettlement after World War II 

At the moment, my main focus is my dissertation for my Ph.D. in History from Catholic University. My dissertation will focus on American religion and popular culture during the Cold War, and incorporate my perennial fascination with questions of religious identity in a fast-changing, postmodern society. My philosophy of history is that, in the stories we tell about ourselves and the world around us, we often unwittingly reveal our deepest ideals and fears. I haven’t figured out how to incorporate yoga or martial arts in there yet, but I’m sure I would if I could!



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