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The Culture of Upgrades

I don’t own a smartphone. I like to call, wryly, what I have a dumbphone. It does calls and texts and no internet things. I once owned a smartphone, but downgraded several years back, during a period of time when being a starving grad student temporarily got way too real. Now I could easily switch… Continue reading The Culture of Upgrades

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In Which I Resolve to Stop Taking My Good Health for Granted

This month I’m arriving at a rather significant milestone in my life- I’m turning the big 3-0! It took a while for it to sink in, but I feel pretty good about it- in fact, once I thought about it, I realized that I feel better now, overall, than I did at age 20. I’m… Continue reading In Which I Resolve to Stop Taking My Good Health for Granted

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Life Lived Twice

Writers, particularly creative writers, experience a very specific kind of pain that is exclusive to their profession or hobby. There should be some long, specialized German term for this feeling. It is the pain of not being able to adequately translate experiences or impressions into words. Life is essentially experiential. We feel pain and pleasure… Continue reading Life Lived Twice

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Jiu Jitsu: You Are How You Roll

One of the beautiful things about Gracie Jiu Jitsu is its endlessly customizable nature. As a martial art, jiu jitsu is at the opposite end of the spectrum from doing set forms or┬ákata– although you may learn a technique like an armbar in its ideal, textbook form, in practice you will never execute it in… Continue reading Jiu Jitsu: You Are How You Roll