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Life Lived Twice

Writers, particularly creative writers, experience a very specific kind of pain that is exclusive to their profession or hobby. There should be some long, specialized German term for this feeling. It is the pain of not being able to adequately translate experiences or impressions into words. Life is essentially experiential. We feel pain and pleasure… Continue reading Life Lived Twice

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Let’s Have More (Play) Aggression

I’m not the first person to note that modern American culture, more so than many other world cultures, has no framework of meaning in place to deal with the realities of violence and aggression. Certainly, violent acts happen every day, but only a small minority among the military, law enforcement, and criminals actually have a… Continue reading Let’s Have More (Play) Aggression

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The Shadow-Narratives

Lots of people think that history is simply automatically generated by world events and catastrophes, and that it just sits out there in the ether waiting for some historian to write it down. In fact, our relationship with history is much more complicated. The historian is not a mere passive transcriber of events, but an… Continue reading The Shadow-Narratives