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I Don’t Mind “Yoga Selfies,” and Here’s Why

For a while now, it’s been a trend to post pictures of oneself doing yoga poses, or “yoga selfies,” on social media. Some of these pictures show super-talented yogis doing some pretty crazy, bendy, acrobatic, and advanced stuff. There are many of these advanced poses I can’t do myself, even as a generally healthy and… Continue reading I Don’t Mind “Yoga Selfies,” and Here’s Why

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When to “Tap” in Yoga

VIEWER ALERT: I’m about to yammer on about the relationship between yoga and jiu jitsu, as I sometimes do. But hey, what did you expect? They’re two subjects I spend far too much time thinking about. One resemblance between yoga and jiu jitsu is that both involve exploring the outer limits of your body’s range… Continue reading When to “Tap” in Yoga

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13 Ways That Yoga Is Just Like Orthodox Judaism

NOTE: Obviously, I do not actually think that yoga is just like Orthodox Judaism. As a person who studies religion, spirituality, and belief, I do, however, find it fascinating when you find resemblances, however coincidental, in unexpected places. I also think that comparing such ¬†wildly disparate traditions helps us see and appreciate both in a… Continue reading 13 Ways That Yoga Is Just Like Orthodox Judaism